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Despite the laudable contributions of classical and positivist criminology to the development of modern penal frameworks, criminal behaviour cannot be understood within the confines of the two theories unaided.Findings are that, beyond the domains of classical and positivist criminology lay an array of variables which classical and positivist criminology ignored in an attempt to advance an understanding of criminal behaviour.After then function cost matrix was developed which shows percentage cost associated with each function.Then VIP index was found out which was used to identify poor value functions which were further carried to next stage of developing creative ideas.It was also highlighted that among 135 children, 48.2 per cent Lambani school children belonged to normal category followed by 40.74 per cent stunted, 8.2 per cent wasted and stunted and 2.96 per cent wasted category of nutritional status.Children with lower middle socioeconomic status (61.33%) indicated medium level of participation followed by 16 per cent low level of participation and 14.66 per cent high level of participation in extracurricular activities.This paper seeks to trace the nature of communitarian politics in Kerala, with a focus on how the Indian Union Muslim League (also known as Muslim League), has employed diverse religious and political strategies to create a ‘political space’ for the Muslim community in the state.

In todays manufacturing era we are surrounded with new quality initiatives.

Initially in this project all the information related to the product were collected and the functions of various parts were defined in Noun and Verb forms according to the rules of value analysis job plan.

Later all the primary functions were compared for their relative importance and their percentage weight factor were found out.

Classical criminology blames the criminal for not exercising his sense and power of rationality as a cause for anti-social behaviour.

Positivist criminology, nevertheless, adopts a scientific approach at explaining criminal behaviour and attributes criminal behaviour to some interplay between chromosomal, genetic and bio-chemical variables inherent in the human body.

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The cases were surgically treated with satisfactory evolution. It increases hardness and wear resistance, while the coefficient of friction is slightly affected and remains low. Methods: tools such as surveys and evaluation forms for the collection of assessments and verification processes for further analysis were applied.