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I started more and more fantasizing about sucking a dick again, but this time being able to make it come.

I wondered if I ever did get the chance, would I be able to suck a load out?

I wasn't as thick but am same thickness whole length with a big mushroom head while his head was a bit smaller. He went first and sucked my dick pretty handily, making me shoot a load in 10 minutes or so.

I took my turn and enjoyed it mostly, but was not a natural for sure. I was a bit disappointed I wasn't able to give him the same pleasure I'd received, but for the most part we never discussed these encounters again.

Yet as a crazy, horny young man, I at times would be turned on by stories of straight guys fooling around together and sucking each others dicks or something.Sometimes on the dating sites guys would sneak on the women's side and try to engage with me, offering blowjobs or whatever.At first I would not interact at all with them, but after some time if I was bored I'd humor them a bit and interact being a bit playful and risque.I realized guys were way more horny and always up for dirty talk, so I began to get more interested and curious and at times had fun with role play.I realized it was a huge mental turn on somehow to switch roles and pretend to be the one sucking the cock.

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