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Additional assessments to gauge ambivalent sexism, acceptability of dating violence and implicit associations between relationships and harm were administered.

Results indicated that more frequent exposure to IPV did not have a direct effect on acceptability of dating violence, however, more frequent exposure to IPV was linked with increased expectations that relationships include harm.

Similar to previous studies, numerous fixed factors were found to be the strongest predictors of DV victimization as older, female, racial minority and sexual minority adolescents were more likely to experience physical and sexual DV than their demographic opposites.

Recent surveys have indicated that at least a third of adolescents have witnessed intimate partner violence (IPV) during their lifetime (Finkelhor, Turner, Shattuck & Hamby, 2013).

Good programs regularly address teachers and parents.

Their comprehensive approach reveals the core techniques that should be a part of any successful prevention program, including theoretical consistency, which contributes to sound content development, and peer education and youth leadership, which empower participants and keep programs relevant.

Additionally, research has found that youth who witness IPV are more likely to believe that violence is acceptable in close relationships (Lichter & Mc Closkey, 2004), which could increase the likelihood of dating violence as they age (Foshee, Bauman & Linder, 1999).

This study examined the mechanisms by which witnessing IPV influences beliefs about the acceptability of dating violence by testing the relative contributions of interpersonal schemas (expectations about relationships) and ambivalent sexism.

Our dynamic and diverse team believes that all young people deserve to live in a world where they can thrive.

Arlene Weisz and Beverly Black interview practitioners from more than fifty dating violence and sexual assault programs across the United States to provide a unique resource for effective teen dating violence prevention.

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The 2013 New Hampshire Youth Risk Behavior Survey was completed by 38,181 students.

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