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To tell you honestly, the very first time I saw him, I thought he was snobbish but I proved to myself that it wasn't true.

In fact, he was very friendly to everyone, even to the "small people." Almost everyone in the office would agree that he's a really kind, nice guy except for his lacking skills of communicating and expressing himself in English. In one of our classes, he asked me if I have a boyfriend and I answered him like this, "I'm still praying for him," which I still do up to now.

The problem continues with the way she behaves towards me. My question to you is this: As a Korean male how would you interpret and react to a girl who routinely broke off contact with you and then responded again?

She has, at least four different times, suddenly and inexplicably stopped communicating. I've known this girl for a significant period of time and our relationship is more than just a foreigner trying to score with a Korean chick.

(Let this be a lesson for a would-be questioner: the Korean HATES relationship questions.) Hello, nice to c that there are such blogs who can help one to find particular queries about koreans. U may find it funny but i m highly fascinated by korean guys,since my young age. thanks mr.korean hey,i'm an indonesian girl who studies in an international school in kuching . I'm quite close to one of his friend who is a korean . He has good sense of humour,he's hardworking and funny. I have also heard my pen palls say some American Celebrities are pretty.

For the reason i never been in to relationship with any indian guy, m single n still waiting for my mr. how to go in way where i can find one there's this korean guy that i really like in my colege. last week i asked him if he was free the next week so we could go out for some coffe, but he said he was busy at the moment. I started to like him recently ,and then i found out that he's not interested in any girls .he's getting serious in his studies because he's already in form 5. hi I m a girl from mexico and I want ask you a question so....we go ^.^ maybe you heard this question a lot of times but i´ll be direct I like a korean boy but I dont know him yet because I feel very nervious and I want to know a little more korean to have a good conversation well, I know that at first instance which called the attention of a man is the appearance. Something tells me that there was something else that came in the way of our relationship.

Or am I just dealing with a foolish and thoughtless girl?

Best of the Worst Best of the Worst 2009 'Tis the end of the year, which can only mean one thing -- time to anoint the worst question of 2010!

The volume of email increased significantly this year, as AAK!

then i corrected him saying not ttoday, NEXT WEEK but he still was like im busy today can u plz ask me next time once more?? However,from what i heard ,he never love a girl before, that destroys my hope,obviously . I am tall (5´6 ft) , weight 113 lb, long dark brown hair, skin very white ( that says the people who know me ) big eyes but have the form of almond and are dark brown too, small mouth color pale red and some people said that I look like a little more asian that latin. She mentioned to me earlier on that she never told her father that she was dating me (who is not Korean).

well, do you think that I can call the attention of the guy who likes me ? Then, one day, all of a sudden she called me saying she had no feelings for me anymore. However, she said that the portion of the family she did tell was aware and alright with the fact that she was dating me. I've contemplated sending her a message describing how I felt.

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June of last year, I met this Korean guy who became my work colleague. There came a time when his teacher was absent and I was assigned to be his substitute teacher for two days.