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Ms access linked table not updating

I now have a situation where I've created a form based on a multi-table query in which I need to update some of the fields.

I naively create the form on the query, but now have realized that it won't let me update via the query.

Share Point assigns a GUID to each object, you can’t use the View’s name as you could with a List’s name to select the object.

To find out the GUID for your View, you’d have to open your Share Point site in your web browser, navigate to the List and on the ribbon select Modify View. Depending on which web browser you are using, it may be encoded so you’ll have to replace “-” with “-“, “{” with “”.

Share Point Lists operates on ISAM model Whenever we link to a ODBC data source, Access only needs to submit a SQL statement which is then executed on the server and sent back for Access’ consumption.As linked tables go, Share Point Lists are definitely a horse of different color. If you cared to peek inside the SQL Server database that Share Point uses to store Lists, you would realize that all list items are stored in one giant sized table with columns names int1, int2, int3 and so forth.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Share Point is anything but a true relational database. Therefore, many techniques you may have picked up in optimizing your operations with linked tables may be inapplicable and we need to consider new ones. There’s another large table that describe the definition of the list and maps its columns to those wildcard columns.Historically, they were just that – a simple list of values.In fact, up to Share Point 2010, referential integrity wasn’t supported, a sore point that could very well have been the #1 blocking reason for the adoption of Share Point as a data source among Access developers.

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I have a set of linked tables (To Oracle DB) that I need to update via a form.