Traditional chinese dating customs Free 24hr adult chat

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Traditional chinese dating customs

During this period, the importance of getting married was far more than that a person found his better half.

For the male side, it determined the prosperity and even the future fame of their family; while for the female side, it meant that parents lost the chance of seeing their daughter for a long time.

A set of marriage custom has been passed down and is still in used today.

The Chinese zodiac would be surely taken into consideration.

Presenting Betrothal Gifts: if the match was predicted to be auspicious, the matchmaker would take gifts to the girl's parents and tell them that the process could continue.

Conditions that should be taken into consideration included wealth and social status.

If a boy's family was well-off or an official family, his parents would never permit him to marry a girl from a poor family.

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Only after coping with these could he pass to see his wife-to-be.